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HTML Quick Reference
Document Structure
<HTML></HTML> start and end of HTML document
<HEAD></HEAD> document meta-information start and end
<BODY></BODY> content of document displayed by browser
Body Tag Attributes
<BODY Background="URL"> sets background texture to image at URL
<BODY BGcolor="#RRGGBB"> sets background to color with red, green, blue values given by hexadecimal RR, GG, BB
<BODY Text="#RRGGBB"> sets text color
<BODY Link="#RRGGBB"> sets unvisited links color
<BODY VLink="#RRGGBB"> sets visited links color
<BODY ALink="#RRGGBB"> sets active links color
Document Title
<TITLE></TITLE> document title; goes in HEAD
<!-- comment --> comment; not displayed by browser
Text Separators
<H1></H1>... <H6></H6> headings from level 1 (major) to 6 (minor)
<HR> horizontal rule
<HR Size="thickness"> horizontal rule that is thickness pixels high
<BR> line break
<P> paragraph start
<P Align="left|center|right"></P> paragraph start and end, with text aligned left, center, or right
Text Formatting
<B></B> bold
<I></I> italic
<TT></TT> typewriter
preformatted text; 
preserves line breaks
<SUP></SUP> superscript
<SUB></SUB> subscript
<CENTER></CENTER> centers text
<BLINK></BLINK> rendered as blinking text
<FONT Size="size"></FONT> font set to size, ranging from 1 to 7
<FONT Size="+|-step"></FONT> font size stepped up (+) or down (-) by step
<FONT Color="#RRGGBB"></FONT> font set to color given by hexadecimal red, green, and blue values, RRGGBB
Lists and Blocks of Text
<UL></UL> unordered list (items marked with <LI>)
<OL></OL> ordered list (items marked with <LI>)
<DL></DL> definition list (terms marked with <DT>, definitions marked with <DD>)
<BLOCKQUOTE></BLOCKQUOTE> extended quotation
<ADDRESS></ADDRESS> address; often used for document author identification
Link Anchors
<A Href="URL">Hotspot</A> anchor linking Hotspot text to document URL
<A Name="Jump">Text</A> anchor with name Jump associated with Text
<A Href="URL#Jump">Hotspot</A> anchor with jump from Hotspot to anchor named Jump in document URL
<IMG Src="URL"> inserts image at URL into document
<IMG Src="URL" Alt="string"> displays string for non-graphical browsers instead of image
<IMG Src="URL" Align="top|bottom|middle"> sets alignment of text after image
<IMG Src="URLi" Href="URLm" Ismap> makes image at URL given by URLi a map, defined by a map file given at URLm
<IMG Src="URL" Width="width" Height="height"> sets image to be width pixels wide by height pixels high
<form action="URL" Method="get|post"></FORM> a Form with a gateway program at URL and using a method
<INPUT Name="name" Type="checkbox |hidden |image |password |radio |reset |submit |text"> Input element with a specific type and symbolic name, name
<TEXTAREA Name="name" Rows="R" Cols="C"> Text area (lines of editable text) with symbolic name, name and R rows and C columns visible at a time
<SELECT Name="name" Size="N" Multiple> Select element with symbolic name, name, N selections visible at a time; and multiple selections possible; selections defined using OPTION
<OPTION Value="string"> Option element used with SELECT; with returned value string
<TABLE Border></TABLE> start and stop of a Table with a border
<CAPTION Align="top|bottom"></CAPTION> start and stop of the caption, placed on the top or bottom of the table
<TR></TR> start and stop of a row
<TH Colspan="C" Rowspan="R"></TH> start and stop of a header cell spanning C columns and R rows
<TD Colspan="C" Rowspan="R"></TD> start and stop of a data cell spanning C columns and R rows
<TH|TD Align="left|right|center"></TH|TD> sets horizontal alignment of item in header or data cell
<TH|TD VAlign="top|middle|bottom"></TH|TD> sets vertical alignment of item in header or data cell
<TH|TD Width="width"></TH|TD> sets the horizontal width of header or data cell by width, in pixels
<FRAMESET Rows="number[ | % | *] | *,..." Cols="number[ | % | *] | *,..."></FRAMESET> brackets FRAME elements in an HTML document substituting for the BODY element; with the list of comma-separated values defining each column or row size: number in pixels, or just * to fill in rest, or number followed by % or * to share the rest of the space;
<FRAME Src="URL" Name="text" Marginwidth="value" Marginheight="value" Scrolling="yes|no|auto" Noresize > defines frames with document at URL and with name text
<NOFRAMES></NOFRAMES> brackets content to be rendered in browsers which do not render frames
<A Target="frame_name|_self|_parent|_top|_blank"> additional attribute of anchor element to define in which frame anchor content will be displayed

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